Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy 152nd Birthday, Oregon!

On February 14th, 1859, Oregon officially became the 33rd state in the Union. Sure, today may be Valentine's Day, but here's something really worth celebrating: Happy Birthday to the best place in the country. There's a reason this green piece of earth was the end of the road for thousands of weary 19th century pioneers, and it's the same thing that pulls 21st century dreamers to the banks of our rivers and the waves of our shores. The soil is fruitful, there's room for everyone, and we'll be the last place on earth with plenty of fresh water.

I celebrate the City of Roses every day, but sometimes the beauty of the state gets overshadowed by the Big City's drama and preening. Here's to all the non-Portland reasons that make me proud to call Oregon my home, and to all the lovely people who are still traveling that Oregon Trail. We'll leave the light on for you.

Beyond this place there be dragons Idaho. Best turn back, traveler. Salvation lies to the west!


  1. brilliant take on the day, and such wonderful photos of the Beaver State

  2. Hello fellow Oregonian! What a great blog post for the day! you have yourself a new Blogger follower ;)

  3. Tom McCall is rolling over in his grave!

  4. I love this, future Oregonians we are: when the work is done, we will be there with bells on!

  5. What lucky souls we are to live here! Thank you God.

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  8. These photos were taken so nicely, the nature is so beautiful.

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