Saturday, July 17, 2010

In Which I Do Something to My Hair

I'm kind of notorious for doing drastic things to my hair. I've had almost every hair color, from my natural blonde and lighter to bright reds and dark browns, as well as pretty much every length and style. My dad was pretty insistent regarding the haircuts allowed to my sisters and I as kids. After a childhood of towhead bowl cuts and almost-mullets (see below), and early teen years of long, straight one-length hair or shoulder-length cuts, I was itching to break out of the mold. As soon as I realized my dad was a lot cooler than I gave him credit for and that I could get away with a lot of things, I became the hair rebel. I was 17 with a box of bright red dye, and as soon as I glanced up at the mirror after my sister Casey finished rinsing my hair in the bathroom sink, there was no looking back.

I just get bored easily, and my hair becomes the vehicle for my need for change. My friends are pretty used to me showing up for a party or dinner with a completely different hairstyle or color, yet still feign enthusiastic surprise and support of my new look, for which I adore them all. The latest plunge was a bit more drastic: I got a perm. Yeah. After thinking about it for years, I decided to go for it, and after a brief Google search for "best perm in Portland," I had an appointment at Salon Capelli the next day. My rationale was that I had been thinking of chopping it all off, so why not have a bit of fun with it before then? Besides, it's really just hair, and I'm blessed with a great head of it, so I know it will grow back if I someday actually do something TOO ridiculous and need to buzz it off and start over. Even though I was still a little nervous to tell my parents about it, as soon as they saw a photo my dad declared that "it was the best thing I've ever done." While I worry a little bit that chemically altering my hair structure ranks above being valedictorian or, you know, getting a job, I appreciate his support.

As for the hair, I really love it. It's crazy and fun and pretty much perfect for summer. Besides, like my dad's always said, if you think a mop full of curls is wacky, you should see the hair on the inside of my head.


  1. I like it! It looks natural, too - coming from a natural curly girl. :)

  2. Aw, thanks Lindsay that means a lot!

  3. Curly hair rocks! I rock my fro big and proud; not to mention its so much easier to maintain!