Friday, July 17, 2009


Hey all! As I type this, goats are prancing mere feet from me, I can hear bees buzzing, and the air smells so heavily of tomato plants it's intoxicating.

No, I'm not in my Portland house. I'm spending the week at my family's farm, Camp Joy, in Boulder Creek, California, and would LOVE to show you all the amazing things growing, the delicious meals we've been having, the goats that climb on top of their houses and the fresh chevre and yogurt made from their milk, the ducks and their kiddie pool and their beautiful eggs, the amazing cucumbers and squash, the almost-ready tomatoes, the two beds of baby plants for which I laid irrigation drip tape (hey, even I can get my farm-labor pants on when given the opportunity), and the CSA roundup I helped put together for other people (fun role reversal there)... BUT... like a complete goon, I totally forgot the cord to upload photos from my camera to my computer.

So you don't get to see any of that (yet). I'll be back in Portland next Wednesday, when I'll be picking up my CSA box from Rainyway farm directly, seeing as I won't be back in time for the Saturday farmers market. You'll be able to see the CSA roundup on the land it was grown. I'm excited. In the meantime, I'll be spending my time harvesting food from the source - one of my favorite places on earth, with family. It's a rough life.

On a side note, I've been thinking about the nature of my blog lately. Perhaps this is coming out now because I can't hide behind pretty pictures, but I'm realizing that my life is about so much more than food (although food is, admittedly, a huge part of it) that it's odd that most of my blog entries have been bare-bones "what I eat" accounts. I'm thinking of opening up the scope of this silly internet writing-thing, and account for more than three or four meals a week here on Lemonbasil. Now, I can't promise that I'll do anything exciting or that someone will want to read about my house-moving trauma or homework, but hey, this is already kind of voyeuristic of you, reading what I eat and all, so I think you can handle it. Just a thought.

Eat well!


  1. Sound like a wonderful and peaceful place.

    I am hitting the Beaverton Farmer's Market in the morning with my kids and in-laws. Should be a fun time.

    I think it would be great for you to blog about whatever strikes your fancy!

  2. Family farm?! How wonderful. Clearly, I am a fan of food blogs that connect on more than one level--nothing's off-limits for me! Go for it!

  3. Hey, Oakley! I will take anything you can dish out, in the way of your very visual words, your appreciated recipes and /or your beautiful photos.
    I am yours in sincere admiration and appreciation. Love to hear about those goats and helping at Camp Joy. It was my home at an important time of my life. ENJOY!
    Country Rhodes

  4. that sounds amazing. cant wait to see the photos...

    ... and you should blog about whatever feels right. I'm sure its going to be great. :)

  5. I find your writing intoxicating, no matter what the subject. I love the recipes you share, your love of food is inspiring as well, but I am certain anything you are willing to share would be worth the time to read!