Saturday, December 18, 2010

Classic Holiday Cocktails: Booze and Brunch at Irving Street Kitchen

What: Booze and Brunch: Classic Holiday Cocktails
Where: Irving Street Kitchen's Extra-long bar at 701 NW 13th Street (at Irving Street) in the Pearl District
Who: Irving Street Kitchen's own Brandon Wise (Eater PDX's Shaker of the Year 2010) and Jacob Grier (of Metrovino) - Complete with tacky Christmas sweaters and Santa hats!

I had the amazing priveledge to sit with some of Portland's favorite booze enthusiasts this morning for the first of these fun events with Brandon and Jacob, two of the best shakers in town. We were treated to four holiday drinks along with some tricks of the trade, like the precise definition of a "ropey" drink texture or fact that egg whites are, in fact, located INSIDE of eggshells... All kidding aside, these were great cocktails, including a classic New Orleans Fizz, a Bols Genever Hot Cocoa, traditional holiday Wassail, and a Dutch 75 with Bols Genever, champagne, and lemon It was very fun to get tips for holiday mixing and watch our fellow diners wear out their arms trying their hand at shaking.

These great drinks were paired with some amazing dishes from Chef Sarah Schafer's kitchen, which was truly a treat. On this morning's menu: Moroccan poached eggs with garlic-rubbed toast, Draper Valley fried chicken with smoked tasso jambalaya, french toast with vanilla crème and spiced granny smith apples, and some lovely (and plentiful) scones. There's something so wonderful about brunchtime, heading out the morning after a late night out to eat, drink, and laugh with people who know the value of a weekend. Brunch also seems to be the best time to meet people, because everyone seems to be in a laid-back, relaxed bubble of happiness. Well, that could have something to do with all the great booze, but I think it's more a testament to the kindness and generosity of the Portland food scene, with always awes me with its inclusiveness. It was truly one of the best ways to spend a hard-earned, rainy Portland Saturday.

 Want to attend the next Booze and Brunch event? Future Booze and Brunch events include "Hangover Cure" drinks shaken by Brandon and Dave Shenaut (of Beaker & Flask and President of the Oregon Bartenders Guild) on January 8, 2011 and "Locavore" Drinks with Brandon and Neil Kopplin (of Clyde Common) on January 22, 2011. For more details or to snag your spot, contact Emily at (503) 343-9440 or - If you've waited 'til the last minute to get gifts for everyone - this would be the PERFECT treat for the foodie or cocktail aficionado in your life. On second thought, it's an even better way to treat yourself and recover the holiday season. Hangover cures, coming right up...


  1. That looks like a great time! How much did that run?

  2. $40, for 4 cocktails and tons of food. Amazing.

  3. My dream is to visit this place for a long time! Photos of the atmosphere of wonder!