Tuesday, June 22, 2010

101 Cheeses at Ten 01

What: 101 Cheeses, or, “The Cheese Bar Spectacular: Moldy, Stinky, Cheesy"

Where: Ten 01, 1001 NW Couch, Portland, Oregon

Who: Adam Berger of Ten 01 and Steve Jones of Cheese Bar

Why: An opportunity to taste 101 of Steve’s favorite artisan cheeses, wine selections from Ten 01’s (absolutely amazing) Sommelier Jeff Groh, craft cocktails by spirits guru Kelley Swenson, and local beers on draft.

Enjoy the pretty, my dears.


  1. thanks, dad. someday someone other than my parents will comment on my blog.

  2. you've changed!
    the blog redesign looks lovely :)

  3. Really nice pics! (...and I ain't yo' momma! ;oP

  4. Beautiful pics! Looks like an amazing night. Mind if I share this on the American Cheese Society FB page?

  5. Christine - No problem, go right ahead!