Saturday, April 17, 2010

PFM Saturday: Getting Lost in the Crowds

Portland is still doing that April thing (you know, with the sun, then the rain, then the clouds, then the sun, then...) and I'm less than two weeks from the end of classes. Lemonbasil has always been the best during the summer, and that's a combination of the produce available at the peak of the year and the fact that I have TIME to cook, style, shoot, and blog about new recipes, restaurants, and market events. This summer, being the first summer of the rest of my life as a non-student, is bound to have a defibrillator effect on the old blog - I'm already making lists of the events I want to cover, the videos (!) I want to make, the recipes I want to craft, but those thoughts are stolen moments from this giant thing I should be doing: my thesis. It's so near completion, and I'm utterly terrified about tying up all of my loose ends and actually submitting a final, 120+ page document, that the blog has made a necessary move to the back burner.

Even if I'm not blogging as much as I'd like to, It's such a haven to wander the market in a big raincoat, hiding behind a lens, and getting lost in the crowds downtown. It was such a rare treat to have my parents in town last week, but the market is usually a relatively solitary experience for me. I love my farmer friends, PFM staffers and volunteers, and all the happy faces of shoppers, but Saturday morning is really a meditative alone-time, allowing me to think about the week passed, the week ahead, and the fleeting seasons. There were tomatoes at the market this morning. Tomatoes! Spring's going to slip away before we know it. I'm very lucky to have the market--every week--pulling me to dust off the camera and distract me from the grey cartoon rain-cloud of academia that travels over me all the time. Oh, man, this post is kind of morose. Sorry about that. Here! Have some pretty pictures with sunshine, food, and cheerier things than my melancholic pout:

(Oh! And in case you didn't know, you can know follow me on Twitter @allisonejones, with market updates, irreverent musings, and exclusive, uh, exclusives.)

Eat well!


  1. As your first and for always fan, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your blogs to keep me in your thoughts and your heart. I love the prose, the recipes, the music choices to go with the photos and the comradery I feel reading and eating your wonderful food from your farmers market! Thanks again.

  2. Aahhh, if oregon produce looks this good, I'd have no qualms about moving there, hopefully within the next few years. J's seriously thinking about moving back there, and I'll definitely be tagging along. He's been filling my head with all sorts of ideas for picnics, farmers markets and fresh produce. I heard Oregon is famous for its berries. And apples. And cherries. And nuts. And stone fruits. I think I'll be very happy there indeed. Thanks for offering a slice of portland farmers market scene!

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