Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Portland Farmer's Market Update!

Hello friends, I have exciting news!
The Saturday Portland Farmer's Market at PSU is scheduled to open TWO WEEKS earlier than usual. Yes, that means THIS Saturday, March 21, as in three days from today, the market is back! That means more green in the fridge and more chances for me to explore the offerings of the Northwest with you and yours.

We'll be able to see our heroic farmers who have been braving this crazy weather through the winter, and fill up our bags with those precious spring finds (nettles, anyone?). I'm scheduled to photograph the opening, so if you see me walking around with a camera and a goofy grin, say hi!

I thought I'd fill this post with photos of our fantastic vendors to get you pumped, so get out your coats (it'll probably be raining, but who knows? I'm writing this in a patch of deliciously warm sunshine) and your walking shoes, and I'll see you this weekend!!!

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